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Dr. Dan Durda

Southwest Research Institute
Scientist, Space Artist
Daniel D. Durda of Southwest Research Institute (Boulder) He is scientist and a renowned space artist, the 2015 recipient of the AAS/DPS Carl Sagan Medal “for excellence in public communication in planetary science”. Dan is a Fellow and former member of the Board of Directors of the International Association of Astronomical Artists; his space art has appeared in many magazines and books and has been internationally exhibited.

Dr. Durda has more than twenty years of experience researching the collisional and dynamical evolution of main-belt and near-Earth asteroids, Vulcanoids, Kuiper belt comets, and interplanetary dust.

A finalist in the 2004 NASA astronaut selection, Durda is one of three SwRI payload specialists who will fly on multiple suborbital spaceflights with Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin. He has co-authored a book, published numerous articles popularizing planetary science and human exploration of space, and has appeared in over 70 nationally-broadcast television science documentaries. Dr. Durda is an experienced cave diver and holds multiple scuba and cave diving certifications, including Full Cave and Cave Recovery Specialist; until recently he served as the Colorado and Arizona Regional Coordinator for the International Underwater Cave Rescue and Recovery team.

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