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Tom Grindberg

Edgar Rice Burroughs
Comic Book & Newspaper Artist
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Tom Grindberg started off his artistic career at the young age of 18 years old from the suburbs of Washington DC in Chevy Chase. Tom’s first published work was illustrating political cartoons. As luck would would have it, it wasn’t too long before he landed his first freelance work for both Marvel and DC Comics back in 1981  While during this he also started working in advertising, working with some of the industries best illustrators and graphic artists. After leaving advertising, Tom began to devote his full attention to the craft of storytelling and comic book publishing. Tom’s credits are varied and numerous, including a wide variety of work for both DC and Marvel.  
Tom has also gone on to illustrate for Newsday a long Island newspaper (which won him an award from Associated Press in graphics journalism). Tom has also done an extensive amount of behind the scene work illustrating character design and licensing for both Marvel and DC Comics to his independent publishers to computer game designs to commercial interior designing for leading manufacturing companies and even motion film work which he has credit in too.
Currently, Tom is working for EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS and recently was awarded best Conan artist by the Robert E . Howard foundation as best artist for single illustration for depicting his most popular character. Tom is now working again with veteran and world renown writer Roy Thomas on another ERB classic… Thuvia Maid of Mars…!