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Cheryl Carpinello

Tales & Legends
Littleton, Colorado
I'm a lover of mythology, myths, legends, and tales from the ancient/medieval worlds, and how all of these have transcended time and space into our world today. The myths and legends don't fade away. They are just repackaged for a new audience.  As a high school English teacher, I continually challenged my students to find connections between today and times long gone by. Some took more digging than others, but the connections were always there. One of my favorites, Star Wars, borrows several concepts from the Legend of King Arthur. The Star Trek series goes even further back into the mythology of ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt as well as others.

I write Arthurian Legend for young readers and teens (I never refuse to let mature readers enjoy my stories!). These stories exhibit what I consider to be cornerstones of that Legend: Honor, Loyalty, and Friendship. My tales from Egypt and my new series Feathers of the Phoenix meld the ancient/medieval worlds with today. The Atlantean Horse (Book 1 of Feathers of the Phoenix) also brings forth the Four Horsemen of the Acropolis out of the Bible and into the modern world. They and my main characters are after the feathers of the Phoenix in order to bring Atlantis alive again. It is scheduled to be out in late May 2022.

I hope you'll stop by, look at my books, try to pull the Sword out of the Stone, and take your picture with my unicorn!

P.S. I believe in magic and Unicorns!!