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Centennial, Colorado
Allynn Riggs began telling stories before she could write them down, and after being nagged and cajoled by a determined collection of fictional characters for many years, she surrendered and shifted gears to tell their stories. Her award winning science fiction/fantasy series, The Stone's Blade, began innocently enough as a short story written when she was fourteen. The characters and story line have never left her imagination or dreams and waited patiently until she was ready to share their worlds with you. Three of the four books in the core quartet of the series have been published - The Blood (May 2014), The Balance (Sep 2016), and The Blades (Nov 2019). The fourth book, The Seventh Stone is slated for publication in late 2021. The series explores the consequences of an individual and/or an entire society suddenly discovering they are not who they thought they were and they must decide whether or not to accept their true identity. Interstellar space travel, time travel, crystalline alien beings who communicate with music, song and color, and two different forms of telepathy make this series unique and not your usual science fiction/fantasy crossover.
When Allynn is not writing, she avidly participates in and teaches square dancing and hunts big game. The mother of three grown daughters, Allynn resides in Centennial, Colorado with her husband, Bob.
Contact email address: Allynn@timberdark.com
Blog: http://TimberdarkWriter.wordpress.com
Facebook: https://facebook.com/TimberdarkPublications
Author website: http://allynnriggs.com
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